Mozart & Haydn

Midori Seiler was a chamber-music partner of Jos van Immerseel and Anima Eterna Brugge’s concertmaster for many years. In this concert you’ll hear and see her at work leading from the violin in a programme of her own choosing: Mozart’s Violin Concerto no. 3, the Symphony no. 33 and the Divertimento in B. Another new element is the staged performance of Haydn’s “Scene de Berenice”, in which Lore Binon not only sings following the “laws” of the theatre of the time, and of course in a beautiful historical costume, but also uses 18th-century gestures, working with the great specialist Sigrid T’Hooft to learn the “mise en geste”. The entire programme was prepared with the help of musicologist Kai Köpp, also himself a baroque violinist.

Jos van Immerseel

Translation by Anne Hudgkinson