Guest Conductor

Bart Van Reyn

Since the 2020-2021 season, Anima Eterna has collaborated with several guest conductors, giving each a chance to develop their own artistic trajectory. Bart Van Reyn is just one of them. He grew up listening to Jos van Immerseel and Anima Eterna. As a young conductor, he felt inspired by those pioneers of historical performance practices. For him, conducting Anima Eterna is like a dream come true:

‘I have been a fan of Anima Eterna for more than twenty years. I have all their CDs and I attended many of their rehearsals when I was starting out as a conductor. Conducting the orchestra for the first time will be very special indeed.’ – Bart Van Reyn

This Flemish conductor will kick off his collaboration with the orchestra with performances on historical instruments of works by two highly influential composers of the nineteenth century: Johannes Brahms and Robert Schumann. Van Reyn is looking forward to investigating the instrumental toolbox, the dramatic arc and articulation with members of the orchestra. While he aims for a straightforward, informed reading of the score, he also hopes to find a little leeway to bring the music into the here and now:    

‘As a conductor, you always work at the behest of the composer. But you also have to convey a story, and you need enough freedom to give that story a unique twist to make it work at that particular moment, in that concert hall and for that audience.’ – Bart Van Reyn

Van Reyn’s daring version of Brahms’ Piano Concerto Nr.1 and Schumann’s Fourth Symphony will be performed on 29 and 30 April 2022. You can find more information about that project here soon.