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18-11-'23 Tax shelter premiere - Konzerthaus Blaibach Germany -  
19-11-'23 - Konzerthaus Blaibach Germany -  

Songs and chamber music by Franz Schubert (1797 – 1828), written for the salons that he and his circle of friends organised: the ‘Schubertiads’.

Performed on Viennese historical instruments.


Ten years ago, a concert hall was opened and a music festival was launched in the Bavarian town of Blaibach (2000 inhabitants!). Since then, Anima Eterna Brugge has been closely involved in every festival edition, thanks to the long-standing artistic collaboration between Jos van Immerseel and baritone Thomas Bauer, the event’s initiator. It is therefore only natural that van Immerseel and Anima Eterna will once again travel to Bavaria for the 10th anniversary of this surprising and unexpected adventure. After all, the musical friendship between Bauer and van Immerseel was sealed by Franz Schubert with a memorable Winterreise. It is no less obvious to place these festivities in the light of this eminently Viennese composer and of his Schubertiades, those evenings when, with friends and musicians, he unabashedly combined heuriger (Viennese wine) and poetry with popular and serious music. There, fast improvisations alternated with true masterpieces, and student jokes with nostalgic memories. Many of Schubert’s most beautiful compositions originated in the anonymity of those groups of friends. This concert invites you to such a musical evening, where genre and instrumentation change according to the inspiration and sense of the performers and listeners: now a Lied, then a piece of chamber music…. It will be one big celebration of music and friendship, under the spell of a sound world that “ignites the warmth of love in our hearts and takes us to a better world” (An die Musik).


Tickets will be on sale soon via the website of Konzerthaus Blaibach.

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Photos from the cd recording of Schubertiade in 2014.

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