Clara Schumann’s Salon

Atelier Anima


Clara Schumann – Allegro moderato uit Klaviertrio in g moll, Op.17 (1847) Johannes Brahms – Allegro en Andante uit Sonate für Klavier und Viola Nr. 1 in f moll, Op.120 (1894) Johannes Brahms – Allegro en Adagio uit Klarinettenquintett in h moll, op.115 (1891)


Midori Seiler artistic coordination and first violin Laura Granero fortepiano (original Hammerflügel from Leipzig 1856, No. 600, collectie Christopher Kern) Lisa Shklyaver clarinet, Joseph Tan violin, Bernadette Verhagen viola & Hilary Metzger cello

Atelier Anima: Clara Schumann’s Salon

The Ateliers of Anima Eterna Brugge offer a unique concert experience, bringing listeners closer to the musicians, to the works, to shared musical emotions, and to the tireless pioneering spirit in Anima Eterna’s DNA. For almost 40 years, concertmaster Midori Seiler and orchestra members have emersed themselves in the historical practice of music – using instruments like the ones composers wrote for and utilised during their era! Today, the musicians turn their attention to a pianist and composer who, because of her personality and activities, played a crucial role in the 19th century: Clara Schumann.

In this Atelier, audiences will relive the intimacy of her salon, suffused with the spirit of her husband, Robert Schuman, and her friend, Johannes Brahms, for whom Clara was also an enlightened and critical muse, often performing his works. Extensive research into the recordings made by Clara Schumann’s students inspired Midori Seiler and Anima Eterna to undertake a rigorous and playful search for the musical ingredients that can’t be found in the score, such as style, phrasing, the degree of freedom, the art of sustaining a melody from beginning to end, and the intensity of the attack: in short, the ‘je ne sais quoi’ in the art of interpretation – that Clara Schumann evidently managed to pass on to her students.

This is the subtle trail Anima Eterna followed in its search, the intention being to come as close as possible to how a composer conceived and experienced his or her works. So, we’d like to welcome you to Clara Schumann’s Salon. The doors are wide open!


Belsele: Church of St.-Andreas & Ghislenus, Belseledorp, 9111 Belsele

Antwerp: Auction House Bernaerts, Verlatstraat 20, 2000 Antwerp

Ronse: Villa Te Nitterveld, Nitterveldstraat 14, 9600 Ronse (shuttle available at CC Ronse)

Middelburg: Church of St.-Petrus & Pauluskerk, Middelburgse Kerkstraat, 9992 Middelburg

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