Anima Eterna goes for a diversity in artistic voices

Anima Eterna Brugge is welcoming a diverse pool of conductors. After a successful first collaboration with Giovanni Antonini in February 2021, the Italian conductor will come back to Anima Eterna and will conduct a project each season. Our musicians welcomed our first guest conductor with open arms and curiosity. You can watch their reactions here.

Besides Giovanni Antonini, also the Flemish Bart Van Reyn, violinist Midori Seiler and internationally acclaimed conductor Pablo Heras-Casado will start a traject with Anima Eterna during the next seasons. Despite these changes our mission remains the same: to enrich the collective memory and to stimulate the endless imagination of both audience and musicians.


Anima Eterna Brugge strives for unique collaborations with a pool of new conductors. Therewith the orchestra wants to become more visible in its hometown Bruges, as well in the Flemish and international culture scene.” – Ann Truyens, general director. 


Anima Eterna will co-direct and support the future artistic path of Jos van Immerseel. When the founder and conductor will return to the orchestra, it will be as a guest and with a generous aim to share his knowledge. Of course, van Immerseel will continue his solo and chamber music projects.