Robert & Clara Schumann

Midori Seiler


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19-06-'24 avant premiereTax shelter premiereCancelled c c c c Tickets

Joseph Joachim – Ouverture ‘in memoriam Heinrich von Kleist” (1877)

Clara Schumann – Klaviertrio Op. 17 (1846)

I. Allegro moderato II. Scherzo, tempo di minuetto III. Andante IV. Allegretto

Robert Schumann – Konzert für Klavier und Orchester Op. 54 (1845)

I. Allegro affettuoso II. Intermezzo III. Allegro vivace


Anima Eterna Brugge – orchestra

Midori Seiler artistieke leiding en concertmeester

Kai Köpp: artistic co-leader

Laura Granero: fortepiano Julius Blüthner (original Hammerflügel from Leipzig 1856, No. 600, collectie Christoph Kern)

Hilary Metzger: cello

Olav Grondelaers: presentation

Robert & Clara Schumann

With this programme, Anima Eterna Brugge continues its exploration and rediscovery of authentic interpretation of the Romantic repertoire. This time, with the help of Midori Seiler and Kai Köpp, and based on a recording by Clara Schumann’s most faithful pupil, they tackle two marvels of the repertoire. Clara Schumann’s little-known Trio op. 17 is one of her most moving and successful pieces, even if the composer, torn between enthusiasm and the extreme intransigence of her critical gaze, saw it as “nothing more than a woman’s work that will always lack strength or invention”! As for Robert’s Concerto, with its intense and sometimes vehement poetry, the suppleness, flexibility and expressiveness of the truest Romantic style under the fingers of Laura Granero’s will undoubtedly be a delightful rediscovery for all. They are complemented by a surprising overture, composed by the virtuoso violinist and close friend of the Schumanns, Joseph Joachim, in homage to the Romantic poet par excellence: Kleist.

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