CD-release Schubert & Berwald

Schubert & Berwald. Chamber Music I Outhere Music - Alpha Classics 461

On 12th of April Anima released the new album: Schubert & Berwald: Chamber Music. Franz Schubert’s octet and Franz Berwald’s septet was recorded in October 2018 by Anima musicians from the orchestra after a series of concerts during the Festival van Vlaanderen Gent.

This recording presents two extraordinary chamber works by two composers who, whilst being direct contemporaries, never crossed paths during their lives. Both are grounded in the tradition of septets, octets and larger ensemble pieces for mixed groupings of winds and strings that were popular at the beginning of the nineteenth century, the immensely successful Septet in E flat major by Ludwig van Beethoven being the most famous example. In different ways both of these new works surpass their role model and make huge contributions to the development of the genre.

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