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Ludwig van Beethoven

  • Atelier Anima: Van Beethoven

    The Seventh Symphony was published in 1816 in Vienna by “Steiner und Comp.”. There were several …

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  • Van Beethoven in Pocketsize

    During the second concert in the Flanders Festival’s “Beethoven in Pocketsize” series in Ghent, his …

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  • Beethoven: vigorously vocal

    The original Beethoven project planned for Bruges, Dijon, La Chaisse Dieu and Coesfeld was intended …

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  • Beethoven’s Heroes

    Bart Van Reyn

    Anima Eterna and Bart van Reyn invite you to enter the heart of Beethovenian love …

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  • Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphonies & Ouvertures


    Beethoven CD box is sold out.

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  • Symphonic Silver

    Limited Edition LP - 25th anniversary (2012)

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  • Beethoven Fifth. A Rediscovery

    concert & documentary

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