Atelier Anima: Beethoven & Berwald septets


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Way before Franz Berwald convinced his fellow Swedes of his innovative writing with his symphonies, he wrote a chamber music work with similar greatness: the Grand Septet in B-Flat Major (1828). The young and ambitious Berwald followed the novel combination of clarinet, horn, bassoon, violin, viola, cello and double bass, just like Hummel and Kreutzer did before him. Not surprisingly, it was a septet by Ludwig van Beethoven that enjoyed immense success around Europe at the beginning of the 19th century. His popular Septet in E-Flat Major (1800) served not as a blueprint but as an inspiration for Berwald’s septet, a work that speaks in the clear and independent voice of a composer with plenty of personality.

Seven musicians from Anima Eterna are reconnecting in this small occupation mixing strings, brass and winds. Yet their approach to chamber music doesn’t differ much from being in an 80-piece-orchestra: every musician counts, every idea is worth considering and the main goal is to share this sparkling music.

Concert photos

Lisa Shklyaver clarinet, Jane Gower bassoon, Ulrich Hübner horn, Helena Druwé violin, Esther van der Eijk viola, Tine Van Parys cello, James Munro double bass

Anima Eterna x Chamber Music

With Atelier Anima on the horizon, Anima Eterna selected some chamber music gems.