Dietrich Buxtehude: 6 Cantatas

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Dietrich Buxtehude Buxtehude was born more than 350 years ago; at least it is now generally accepted that he was born in 1637. He died on 9 May 1707, having lived unusually long for his time. In 1668, at the age of 31, he found employment at the St. Marienkirche of Lbeck, and continued to occupy the position until his death some 40 years later. If we accept the nearly unanimous opinion of musicologists that most or even all of the surviving works come from this period of Buxtehudes life, than we could say that Buxtehude=Lbeck. His work It is certain that only a (small) part of Buxtehudes immense oeuvre has come down to us. Nevertheless, there are some 130 completely preserved vocal works, about 120 of which are on religious texts. In addition there are about 110 organ and harpsichord pieces and some 20 chamber music compositions…..

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