Clara Schumann

Midori Seiler


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16-06-'24 avant premiereTax shelter premiereCancelled c c c c Tickets

Joseph Joachim – Ouverture ‘in Memoriam Heinrich von Kleist’ (1877)
Clara Schumann – Klaviertrio Op. 17 (1846)
Robert Schumann – Konzert für Klavier und Orchester Op. 54 (1845)


Franz Schubert – Grand Duo, arr. für Orchester von Joseph Joachim, Clara Wiek gewidmet (1855)
Bernhard Scholz – Capriccio a-Moll Op. 35 für Klavier und Orchester (1869)

Midori Seiler artistic coordination & concertmaster

Laura Granero fortepiano (original Hammerflügel from Leipzig 1856, Nr. 600, collectie Christoph Kern)

Hilary Metzger cello

Kai Köpp co-artistic coordination

Clara Schumann

When we listen to early records made by students of the romantic composers, we can’t believe our ears today. Their shifting tempi, fluttering rhythms, and more fluid intonation are more like pop music! Can we revive the savoir-faire of that era through these early recordings? Violinist Midori Seiler believes we can. Seiler will be walking a daring path over the coming few seasons, together with the musicians of Anima Eterna and researcher Kai Köpp. Their starting point is the body of available recordings by students of composer and pianist Clara Schumann and violinist Joseph Joachim. The result? Most probably startling. Possibly confusing as well. But certainly something completely new.