Haydn: Trias Armonica


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19-06-'24 avant premiereTax shelter premiereCancelled c c c c Tickets

This concert has been cancelled due to government Covid-19 measures. Ticket holders will be contacted by the Bruges Concertgebouw.

Trias indeed: three times from Haydn, who keeps surprising us again and again. This programme replaces the originally planned “Creation”, which Anima Eterna played for the Bruges Concertgebouw’s opening in 2002. This year the Coronavirus decided that would be impossible, as it calls for too many people! We sought and found a programme for a “Corona setting” of 29 properly distanced performers, showing three facets of Haydn’s genius: vocal music, the keyboard concerto and the symphony! The cantata “Arianna a Naxos” is one of Haydn’s masterpieces: he was able to give a far-reaching theatricality and a striking depth to the drama of Ariadne, which so many composers have set to music. Arianne will be sung by one of Anima’s favourite singers: Marianne Beate Kielland. The Symphony no. 94 has become a favourite thanks to Haydn’s humour and inventiveness: his note “Mit dem Paukenschlag” says enough. The final piece, the captivating keyboard Concerto in D Major, is both cantabile and virtuoso, played by Lucas Blondeel on a great Walter facsimile by Christopher Clarke. With its sparkling, cheerful first movement, beautifully lilting second movement and effervescent Rondo all’Ungarese, this work is a gem of a keyboard concerto!

Jos van Immerseel

Translation by Anne Hudgkinson