Bruckner 4

Pablo Heras-Casado


Date Time Location Country Project Tickets  
27-08-'24 19:00 FEL!X Festival Philharmonie Köln DEU Tickets
  • Anton Bruckner (1824 - 1896) - Symphonie Nr. 4 in es moll WAB 104 (1878/1880)

Anima Eterna launched the Bruckner Anniversary Year last January with a landmark Fourth Symphony on period instruments, conducted by Pablo Heras-Casado. Now, just a few days before the release of the Harmonia Mundi CD that immortalised this event, we have a last chance to relive it one last time, in the incomparable excitement and urgency of a performance! So it’s to Cologne on 27 August 2024 that you’ll have to go to immerse yourself once again in this unique experience: the pinnacle of symphonic Romanticism in its original colours and language! Romantic?

Where else could you find such an extraordinary expression of the German Romantic imagination and its medieval inspiration? The composer’s own annotations go so far as to evoke castles, knights and courtly love… The result is a score of singular colours, where woodwinds and horns unfold a poetry unique in Bruckner’s work. Before Anima Eterna and the conductor embark on their European tour for the next Bruckner step, there’s nothing like a fresh survey of the composer’s most lyrical and warm-hearted score to prepare us. Before the Brucknerian fireworks of this anniversary year’s term ! More than ever: Happy Birthday Anton!

Coming soon on CD!

The concerts in Besançon, Linz and Brugge were produced with the support of the tax shelter measure through Flanders Tax Shelter.