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Anima Eterna researches, experiments and creates: each new project is a question to which the answer is not simply given. It is precisely this sense of research and adventure, coupled with the musical mastery and rich experience of its musicians, that makes Anima Eterna unique. Anima Eterna pioneered together with founder Jos van Immerseel in the historical performance of classical, romantic and even twentieth-century music.

Since 2021 Anima has been doing this in collaboration with four outspoken musical personalities: Giovanni Antonini, Midori Seiler, Pablo Heras-Casado and Bart Van Reyn. Four conductors, one common passion: to enrich the collective memory and stimulate the infinite imagination of audience and musician. To make this exciting search for the past even more accessible to a varied audience, Anima Eterna has also developed several new concert formulas: a family performance, Atelier Anima and Anima Insight.

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