Founding conductor

Jos van Immerseel

The story of Anima Eterna could go on forever,” concluded founding conductor Jos van Immerseel many years ago. That’s why as from the season 2020-2021 van Immerseel will open the door for younger colleagues. “In the future, when I visit Anima Eterna, it will be as a guest. Of course, I will carry on with my chamber music, solo, and other musical activities.  And I will actively participate in the transfer of knowledge in many ways.”

Toekomstwensen van Jos van Immerseel from Anima Eterna Brugge on Vimeo.

When I took my first musical steps at the age of eight, I enjoyed playing with my father, who was an amateur violinist, and piano four-hands, with my brother. To me, music was a form of communication, like a conversation. This idea never let me go. I started putting together ensembles, conducting choirs and orchestras, both large and small. By then, the organ had taught me to think in terms of sound colors, and I developed a fascination for the many styles of sound from various eras. 

My exploration of historical instruments led to a search for like-minded souls. Which ultimately led to the “Ensemble dell’ Anima Eterna.” In 1987, that became “Anima Eterna,” and later “Brugge” was added. Together with enthusiastic colleagues, we delved into music ranging from Monteverdi to Gershwin, always with the instruments the composers had in mind, the instruments for which the pieces were composed. 

I wish Anima Eterna an eternal flowering period. 

Because without music and culture, the world becomes quiet, very quiet…


Jos van Immerseel, March 2021.