Podcast Series

Ears Wide Open

Discover what flows through Anima Eterna Brugge in this new podcast series. Anima Eterna opens up about their research on playing techniques, quests for historical instruments and the philosophy behind the orchestra; 35 years of knowledge, discoveries and experiments are voiced by the musicians themselves.

Expanding the musical imagination of the audience should not be limited to the concert hall. Musical examples renew your listening experience and invite you to step into the music. Open your ears, wide open!

Episode 1: Rhetorics in music with Jos van Immerseel

What has rhetoric to do with music? In a conversation full of musical examples, Jos van Immerseel answers everything that you always wanted to know but couldn’t ask before. 

Episode 2: How to play Liszt on historical instruments

Three musicians of Anima Eterna reveal their thought process when choosing an historical instrument. No less important are the playing techniques associated with these instruments. 

Episode 3: Choosing a piano for Liszt with Joseph Moog

Together with Anima Eterna, pianist Joseph Moog embraces Piano Concerto No. 2 by Franz Liszt. Which secrets did the historical Bechstein piano (1890) reveal to him? 

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