Richard Strauss

At the focus of this brand-new musical venture is German composer-conductor Richard Strauss; gone down into music history as one of Germany’s most important musicians from the post-Wagnerian era, Strauss was not only a prolific but also a highly original and multitalented musician.

Walking the line between artistic credibility and bourgeois music market, he stayed clear of Wagner’s metaphysical conception as well as the philosophical outset of Mahler. Instead, Strauss was inspired by modern life, which he considered abundant with contrasts, challenges and opportunities, clashes and paradoxes, interesting juxtapositions, anachronisms and eclectic aesthetics.

A celebrated opera composer, Strauss has also been recognized for his remarkable contribution to the genre of the symphonic poem. With a selection from both repertoires as well as his maginificent Lied-oeuvre – reflecting over 7 decades of musical craftsmanship – Anima Eterna Brugge pays tribute to an unbounded creative thinker, unafraid of baring his soul in music of contemplation and reflection, depth and energy, beauty and wit.


This production came into being with the financial support of the podium arts tax shelter.