Monteverdi with the Prégardiens

Revisiting a successful earlier collaboration, Anima Eterna Brugge presents a new project featuring Christoph and Julian Prégardien – two of the most versatile and expressive tenors of today’s concert stage. With friends such as these, it’s all the more exciting to celebrate the 450th birthday of one of history’s most groundbreaking composers: Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643), whose madrigals and operas are milestones of early baroque music. Some 40 years after van Immerseel’s legendary production of Orfeo, this vocal/instrumental anthology will, once more, link up Anima’s maestro with his past as an early music-pioneer! Furthermore, it will take Anima back to the roots of its very existence, as the name of the ensemble is linked with Monteverdi:

1977: a year of festivities devoted to Rubens is kicked off with a legendary Monteverdi-production in the Antwerp Opera. The chosen piece is Monteverdi’s Orfeo, the man in charge of the project Jos van Immerseel. The 18 sold-out runs of the production represent a milestone in the history of the opera house.

1987: the combo with which van Immerseel performs regularly evolves into an established ensemble, named after its creator/conductor: “Giuseppe dell’Anima Eterna” was a find of Henri Lenaerts – the Italian language coach during the aforementioned Orfeo-production – and suggested as an ensemble name by oboist Paul Dombrecht. ‘Anima Eterna’ is much more than just a Spielerei, though: it refers to the passion and the pleasure of making music in good company, and to the spirit of true musicianship.


Finally reunited with Monteverdi, Anima is looking forward to a splendid birthday tour!