Triptych in crescendo

Conductor: Jos van Immerseel
Soloist: Thomas Bauer, baritone

1874: after twenty years of fretting and sketching, Johannes Brahms completes his first symphony. The result is described as ‘Schubertian’, and the strong architecture does in turn remind us of Beethoven. Nevertheless, Symphony n°1 opus 68 is first and foremost Johannes Brahms: pushing the boundaries, unpredictable and rebellious. About 25 years later Gustav Mahler penned the first scribbles of his fifth symphony. Adagietto has chosen the unforgettable Adagietto: a love song without words. The Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen go right to the heart of Mahler’s universe. With folkish melodies and lyrics from his own hand he sketches the spiritual journey of a young man with a broken heart. While Mahler’s greatness lies in the orchestral song, Hugo Wolf excelled in the intimate Song with clavier. Shoulder to shoulder with baritone Thomas Bauer Anima presents an evening in grand crescendo, from dramatic aubade to symphonic summum.