IN TIME: Mendelssohn violin concerto & octet

Jos van Immerseel:

“This CD, which came about under the joint artistic direction of Jakob Lehmann and Chouchane Siranossian, is the first ‘physical’ product of Anima Next Generation. It is no coincidence that we chose a combination of works that emphasises alert interaction between the artists – an aspect that is typical of all Anima performances. Moreover, this choice of programme gives Jakob and Chouchane a chance to appear in various roles: Jakob as conductor in the Concerto and player in the Octet, and Chouchane as soloist in the Concerto and leader in the Octet.
I am very happy with the impressive result and the passionate way in which Jakob and Chouchane have worked on this project. In addition to the new Anima projects that I will be leading myself, I am also looking forward to future realisations of Anima Next Generation. The  adventure never ends.”