B Major! The new sound of the city

Bruges presents

B Major! The new sound of the city

A brand-new, biennial music festival that aims at becoming your new spring ritual…

From 1 to 5 March, Bruges is rolling out the red carpet for a new biennial music festival: B Major! stands for a large-scale and fresh sound: a unique Bruges sound that wants to honor heritage and create new work, resting upon both tradition and renewal. The ‘atelier’ Bruges throws open its doors to musicians, who put together their musical building blocks here and now.

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Anima @B Major! – Gershwin’s greatest hits (3 & 4 March, Concertgebouw Brugge)

Anima Eterna Brugge does some spring cleaning: starting from authentic settings, instruments and performance techniques, Anima sweeps away the dust and varnish from symphonic masterpieces so that they can appear magically in their pristine form. Compare the effect with that of a restored painting: a beautiful design and opulent colour palette can only truly shine once stripped of the ballast of the years…  Recent orchestral repertoire – such as that of George Gershwin, the start of this concert – has also benefited form this rejuvenation. Reigning in the land where jazz and classical music encounter each other, Gershwin shook both orchestral bombast and unpretentious fellow singers from his pen. The result: a unique, many-sided body of work in which subtle nuances alternate with explosions of sound and wonderfully light colours: the perfect recipe for the colourful music menu that Anima Eterna Brugge will serve up on B Major. For Anima, this is an exciting voyage of discovery through the world of jazz and entertainment. For the purpose, it can count on the expertise of two excellent soloists: pianist Bart Van Caenegem and the American soprano Claron McFadden, who in addition to her technical prowess and expressiveness has also mastered the bravura of a born and bred entertainer. Faithful to the motto – let the master speak. –  this time, Anima went in search of instruments and performance techniques from the composer’s era and surroundings: a mammoth quest that lead from artisanal string makers to the Library of Congress in Washington! And so a majestic piece of musical heritage has became a sort of fresh ‚première‘ – Gershwin as 21st-century ears have never heard him before.

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